Rock Hewen Churches of Tigrai ( The cradle of Ancient Ethiopia Civilization)


rock hewn church tigrai

Tigrai is located in the northern part of Ethiopian (783 k.m from Addis Ababa the capital city of Ethiopia to Mekelle).This region is famous for its diverse topographic terrain and history. It is recognized as the cradle of the Ethiopian Ancient civilization and birth place of orthodox Christianity in Ethiopia.

Tigrai which still yield history has centuries old rock hewn churches the sanctuaries with their Artful Architectural designs. Existing wall paintings visit to those historic monuments does means to experience our ancestors “skill and thus here are some of our elders bag” for you to discover.

  1. Gheralta cluster Abune yemata

Abune Yemata Church

Location: – 76 k.m from Mekelle (capital city of Tigrai) 30 minutes’ walk on foot

Things to visit: – well preserved painting of 15th century

– Most sophisticated Arctectural design of the churches

– Painting of apostles and other impressive treasures

  1. Debretsion Abrham 15th church

Debretsion Abriham church

Location: – not far from Digum (comping place to explore rock churches)

–29 k.m west of Wukro or 78 k.m from Mekelle

–40 minutes gentle walk to reach the church

–the church belongs to the Monk Abune Abrham who found it.

Things to visit – Decoration of fire paintings of saint & apostles.

–Beautiful walls of holy of holies

–15th unique circular ceremonial fan.

–Annual festival 30th November in most years.

  1. Mariam korkor: – Church belongs to Saint Mary.


Location: – 10 k.m from Digum or 86 k.m far from Mekelle.

–1 hour to climb to reach the church.

Things to visit: – panoramic view of Hawzien plain.

–Beautifully decorated arches.

–Many Ancient murals.

–Magnificent paintings.

–Wide collection of parchment & manuscripts & murals and crosses.

  1. Degum Selassie: A church belongs to trinity.


Location: – Southern edge of the village Degum or 76 k.m far from Mekelle.

Things to visit: – old paintings of the church

–Beautiful carving design of the church.

  1. Yohannis magndi: – church belongs to Saint John.

Religious wall paintings in the Yohannes Maequddi Rock hewn church - Ethiopia

Location: – 1 hour walk from famous church Debre Tsion

Things to visit: – Beautiful Axumite style construction

–pictures of murals

–Ancient well preserved murals.

  1. Abune Gebre Mikael: – A church belongs to Saint Michael.

Abune Gebremichael

– It is one of the finest churches in Tigrai.

Location: – – 16 k.m from Abune Yemata church

–114 k.m far from Mekelle.

Things to visit – Beautiful curi from design of the church.

– Marvelous paintings & murals.

  1. Mariam Wukro: – A Church belongs to St. Mary.


Mariam Wukro rock hewn church in tigray

Location: – 34 k.m from the town Hawizen or 126 k.m from Mekelle.

Things to visit: – Fine Axumite Articular design of the church.

–Decoration of murals.

– Great ornament & work man ship.

Wukro cluster rock churches

  1. Abrha & Atsbaha: – 4th century church which belongs to the famous Axumite brother kings (Ezana & Saizana) who accept Christianity to Ethiopia for the 1st time.

Abrha Atsibha

Location: – 15 k.m west the town of Wukro

  • 17th murals & beautiful paintings
  • painting of Biblical scenes & saints
  • Valuable treasures of Fremnatus (1st Bishop of Ethiopia who introduce Christianity from Syria).
  • Tomb of the Great brother kings.
  • Annual ceremony 14th October

2 .Wukro Cherkos: – A churches belong to Saint Cherkos. It is almost monolithic church.

Wukro Chekos church
Location:-47 k.m far from Mekelle
  • No time for walk

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Teka Tesfay Cluster Rock Churches

Location: – between town Negash & Edagahamus

  1. Medhanialem Adi kosho: – A church belongs to Jesus Christ the savior.

Medhane Alem adi Kasho

Location: – 76 k.m from Mekelle

Ø Ornately carved wooden frames in Axumites style.

Ø Beautiful decorated cloister.

Ø Skillfully decorated Ancient crosses and other treasures.

  1. Michael Milhaizegi: – A church belongs to St. Micheal.


Location:-Near the church Petros Paulos (15 minutes) walk.70 k.m from Mekelle

Things to visit;Beautifully decorated dome.Ancient crosses & manuscripts.

-Old trees & Books and other treasures.

  1. Petros Paulos: – A Church belongs to Peter & Pole.

ethiopia-tigray-region-churches of Petros and Paulos -cr1jwp

Location: – 70 k.m from Mekelle

Things to Visit:

  • Great quality murals
  • pleasing artistry
  • Beautifully painting
  • Beautiful Axumaite Architectural design of the church
  • finely curved pillars
  • 15th c murals depicting Angeles and saints.

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Atsbi Cluster Rock Churches: – Those churches are located east of the town of Wukro.

  1. Michael Barka: – 6th century church which belongs to SaintMichael .


Location:-18 k.m east of the town wukro or 64 k.m far from Mekelle.

Things to visit:-

  • Ancient sculpture & murals and other valuable treasures.
  • Enjoyable view of mountains.
  1. Debre Selam Michael: – A church which belongs to Saint Michael.

Debre selam

Location:-9 k.m north of the town Atsbi

  • 79 k.m from Mekelle
  • 30 minutes gentle walk to reach the church.

Things to visit:-

  • Ancient crosses and manuscripts
  • Unique Arctectural designs of the church.
  • Axumaite style construction with special decoration of windows and lovely paintings saints. Mikael Barka: – A monolithic church belongs to St. Michaels.

Location: 81k.m far from Mekelle.

Things to visit:-

Beautiful decoration of the church.

  • view of mountain parodies
  •  Great Artistic design of the church.
  •  Ancient treasures and manuscripts.

Annual festival of the church November 21

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Rock churches of Tembien

Tembien is mother of Great War winning heroes like emperor IV and Ras Alula Aba Nega, land of honey & better with unique fantastic dance called “Awris” it is 95 k.m far from Mekelle.