Danakil (Afar) People

Danakil People

The Afars are an Afro Asiatic pastoralist Muslims inhabiting the Horn of Africa. Being 1.7 million significant majority of them live in the North east of Ethiopia and Djibouti few southern point of Eritrea. Afars speak the Afar language, which is part of the Cushitic branch of the Afro-Asiatic family.

Territory of the Adal Sultanate

Afars are first mentioned in Ethiopian History by the leader Ahmad Ibni Ibrahim Al-Gaazi of Adal sultanet who invaded Abyssinia and defeated several Abyssinian emperors With the help of an army mainly composed of Somalis, Hararis, Afars, Arabs and Ottoman Turks and almost brought 75% of Abbisinya modern day Ethiopia During the 1530-1543.

In 1531 breaking Emperor Lebna Dengel’s ability to resist in the Battle of Amba Sel, Adalis took control of most of the Abyssinian highlands, over his Arrival in Tigray and burning of Axum the Abbisinian kings were forced for help from Portuguese which lead for the arrival of  Cristfer da Gama and 400 musketeers in port Massawa. Over the first encounter between the Adalis and Abbisinyans supported by the portugis alied in 1541 in Ambaalge Acmad Ibni Ibrahim was seriously wounded and Abyssinians were able to claim the lost territory and even dismantle the whole Adale Sultane in 1543 read more